How it works


  • All tickets must be booked online, there is no box office at the venue. Click What's On to get a calendar of films.
  • Please note film classifications. Please bring ID if anyone in your group looks younger than the classification age.
  • Each ticket is per car. The max number or people per car is 5 and everyone must have a dedicated seat with seat belt.
  • Your e-ticket will be emailed. Please remember to print, or bring your mobile, to show for entry. If you don’t receive an email with your ticket please email
  • Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before your show. Please email
  • There are limited spaces for vans, camper vans and large SUV's. These will be placed at the sides or rear of the venue. If in doubt please email
  • There have been some issue experienced when purchasing tickets via the Safari browser, we are aware of this and we are sorting a fix. In the meantime please email hello@newquaydrivein.comand we will be happy to help.


  • Tune-in to 87.7MHz
  • The film soundtrack is high quality FM stereo sound that can be heard on your car, or portable, radio.
  • You may want to test how to manually tune your radio before coming to the venue.
  • Unfortunately digital radio (or phone apps) won't work because they introduce a delay and so sound will not be in sync with the picture.
  • Most vehicles will not have a problem as radios can be used with the engine off. If you are concerned, we recommend turning your car on a few times during the movie.

On the day

  • Please arrive promptly - gates open 30 mins before your film time.
  • Have your tickets (printed or on your mobile) ready to be scanned through your window. Do not lower your window.
  • Follow stewards instructions at all times.
  • Parking spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, and you cannot move your car until the end of the event.
  • As you park the steward will place a menu with your parking bay number, and emergency contact details, under your windscreen wiper. Retrieve when steward has left.
  • When parked please turn off all your lights so everyone can enjoy the full magic of the silver screen.
  • There are two deck chairs provided in your bay so that two members of your party can sit alongside your car. No other chairs can be brought and placed in your parking bay.
  • Cornish evening can be 'fresh' so you may want to bring a few blankets with you!
  • After the film has ended please wait for instruction before moving your car. This will help speed up exit safely.
  • Park, tune-in, get some food, sit back and enjoy the film!

Other Stuff

  • If you have any problems during the film please call this number 01872 510246 with your parking bay details. Someone will come and attend to you. Do not leave your car unless it is an emergency.
  • You can order food & drinks by visiting our Virtual Diner.
  • Toilet facilities are provided and set-up with your safety in mind. Please see our Safety Statement here
  • Smoking is not permitted at this event, this includes e-cigarettes.
  • Please help us to protect the environment and prevent the spread of Covid-19 by taking your rubbish home with you.
  • The on-site speed limit is 5mph, this must be adhered to at all times.
  • Please note we cannot be held liable or responsible for any damage.
  • Unfortunately there is no admission once the film has started and we cannot provide refunds for latecomers.